Film Studies at the University of Pittsburgh

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The vitality of Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania enables Pitt students to participate in movie, TV and commercial production opportunities. 

Film Studies PhD

Professor Adam Lowenstein gathers with Interdisciplinary Film Studies Program PhD students after symposium presentations. (Photo: Dan Chyutin)


Undergraduate Program student Colin Grant expands his production experience while working on the Growing up a Pitt Girl film set.

Undergraduate News:

Film and Media Production Track

Beginning Spring 2017, Film Studies majors will have the opportunity to pursue the Film and Media Production Track.  Find out more about majoring and minoring in Film Studies here.


Graduate Faculty News: 

In this month's Prospect magazine, Distinguished Professor Colin MacCabe writes "How John Berger Taught us to See," and shares the "intellectual adventure" of producing The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger the rich pleasures of conversation with the film's subject (and friend to filmmakers MacCabe and Tilda Swinton) - and the stakes of critical work and artistic production.