About Us

The University of Pittsburgh's Film and Media Studies Program offers a variety of courses in both critical studies and film and video production courses. Its undergraduate program provides an undergraduate major and minor in Film and Media Studies. 

The Program offers an interdisciplinary PhD in Film and Media Studies in conjunction with six associated departments: English, French & Italian Languages and Literatures, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, History of Art and Architecture, and Slavic Languages and Literatures. Student areas of focus include the history, theory, aesthetics, and cultural politics, of film, television, and new media, and courses and areas of research draw from a variety of fields and disciplines.

The Program also offers an MA Certificate or PhD Certificate in Film and Media Studies for those interested in sub-specializing in Film and Media Studies while completing graduate work in another discipline.

Our program is dedicated to the exploration of cinema and television as vital contemporary arts as well as cultural artifacts.  In addition to courses of study, we offer a wide variety of scholarly programming (including talks and workshop by renown scholars, artists and filmmakers), film programs, and special events.  The program's students also make up many of the media-focused extracurricular clubs for undergraduates students, including UPTV (University of Pittsburgh Television), Pitt Tonight, and Pitt in Hollywood. We also provide our undergraduate majors with dynamic internship opportunities, and our students have continued on to become editors, directors, and producers in film and television or have continued their educated in many graduate fields. 

Participating Departments

*Associated Departments for the PhD in Film and Media Studies