Cyclopean Stonewares and at the Coming of Night

August 11, 2017 - 6:00pm to August 27, 2017 - 10:00pm


About the exhibit:

August 11, 6-9pm: Opening Reception
August 18, 6-10pm: Special Performance by the 181
This installation will be on display through August 27, 2017. Gallery hours to vary.

Admission is free and open to all
An exhibition and performance by Brandon Boan, Abby Donovan, Tom Hughes, and Jason Rhodes.

Cyclopean Stonewares and at the Coming of Night utilizes projection-amplification, feedback loops, and various materials of natural and synthetic amalgamations, where there always exists a permeable presence in the group's work.

The 181’s special one-night performance will be of an improvisational and jazz-like nature.

About the artists:

Based in Newark, DE - Bend, OR - Eugene, OR - and Pittsburgh, PA the 181 is comprised of Brandon Boan, Abby Donovan, Tom Hughes, and Jason Rhodes. For more than a decade the 181 has been site-sampling, digital sloshing, and material shape-shifting together.

Formative beginnings took place at an annually uncovered Venice Beach waste spout leading into the Pacific Ocean. There, a performative intervention set the pace for ongoing observational practices and site stagings.

The thing that motivates the 181 is difficult to singularly establish due to existing unresolved points of departure they wish to explore. The most stable element of the 181 is collective trust - one that does not predict or pre-formulate the mirror-merger of their making(s). As a collective, the 181 is interested in creating visual and performance architectures out of the sample merging and strangely hybridized “what ifs” of information.

About the gallery:

UnSmoke Systems Artspace, a project of Braddock Redux, is a former Catholic school building that has been repurposed into a gallery/events venue and artist studio spaces. Inspired by the industrial character and the historical importance of Braddock, UnSmoke Systems seeks to further open the community to those with unconventional and forward-thinking notions about the reuse of urban space and to help reinvigorate this once-bustling town. For more information, visit or email

Location and Address

UnSmoke Artspace
1137 Braddock Avenue, Braddock PA, 15104