DAVID PETTERSEN, Pittsburgh Film Colloquium

February 15, 2015 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Transnational Blackface, Neo-Minstrelsy, and the “French Eddie Murphy” in Intouchables (2011)

David Pettersen, Assistant Professor of French and Associate Director of the Film Studies Program

David Pettersen's research interests center around the politics of mass culture in French literature and cinema during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His first book, Modernism and the Masses: Americanism, Media, and the Politics of Culture in 1930s France, examines the ways in which French writers and filmmakers used American literature and mass culture, such as gangster cinema, western serials, hard-boiled crime fiction, and jazz, to re-imagine modernist French literature and cinema for the mass audiences that increasingly defined cultural and political life in 1930s France. His second book project looks at the relationships between global film genres and representations of the French banlieues in contemporary cinema, specifically the ways in which recent French producers and filmmakers have fused the marginalized space of the French suburbs with global genre formulae to imagine a commercially viable, popular French cinema. His articles have appeared in Cinema Journal, Studies in French Cinema, and Romance Studies.

Location and Address

Cathedral of Learning, room 1228
University of Pittsburgh