Nicholas C. Tucci Lecture

March 18, 2015 - 6:00pm

Valentino's Vicissitudes of Identity 

Rudolph Valentino's public identity was a study in contradictions. He was best known as a "Latin Lover," but he was accused of being effeminate, even gay, by his mostly male detractors. He was a white Italian, but he was associated with "dangerous" racial diversity due to his swarthy, foreign looks. He was seen as a man "of the people," but he was endowed with aristocratic origins. He was represented in diverse mass media venues as a boxer, a man's man, but also a cook and a mama's boy. In her talk, Professor West will discuss these contradictions as manifestations of the highly constructed nature of film stars in Valentino's time--and beyond. 

Location and Address

602 Cathedral of Learning 

6:00 PM