Undergraduate Film and Media Symposium

March 23, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:45pm

Room 501 Cathedral of Learning

The 2018 Undergraduate Film and Media Symposium showcases scholarship from some of Pitt’s most talented minds and creative thinkers producing work within our Film and Media Studies classes. This year, 15 undergrads will present their projects, papers, and film-essays during five separate panels comprised of short presentations and a moderated discussion.

The panels are organized around unifying themes—Genre, Realism and Documentary Ethics, Female Sexuality and Cyborgs, Urban Spaces, and Evolving Filmmaking and Reception - to engender a productive conversation between our students. This event is open to all. 

10:00 — Welcome and Introduction

10:05-11:10 — Genre Bending: Reinvigorating Conventions

  • Ben Hoover on "Get Out and Horror" 
  • Christian Waterkotte on "Logan and Westerns" 
  • Andrew Blight on "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne"

11:20-12:25 — Real, Represented, and Coerced: The Limits of Documentaries and Realism

  • Samantha McCoy on "Morality of Documentary" 
  • Khadija Diop's short film on "Documentaries and An Idiot Abroad
  • Asa Nelson on "Censorship, Neorealism, and The Naked City"

12:25-1:00 — Lunch

1:00-2:05 — Constructions of Femininity: Ex Machina and the Sexualized Cyborg

  • Xavier Lang on "The Use and Reuse of the Feminine Cyborg" 
  • Ann Shetler on "Use of Femme Fatale in Ex Machina
  • Jill Tyburski on "Harraway's Cyborg Manifesto Through Ex Machina"

2:15-3:20 — Cities in Motion: Urban Spaces and Experience

  • Hayley Ulmer on "Urban Spaces in Naked and Repulsion"
  • Daniel Gretzniger on "Berlin in Motion" 
  • Mackenzie Stewart's essay film on "Flaneury in London and Paris" 

3:30-4:35 — Film Today: Evolving Reception and Filmmaking Practices

  • Alex Bartnik on "Subtitles and Film Reception"
  • Noah Livingston on "Third Cinema and YouTube"
  • Dean Bogdanovic's short films from YouTube

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