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Colin MacCabe

Colin MacCabe is  Distinguished Professor of English and Literature.

He has published extensively on Joyce, Godard and the theory of language.

He has just finished directing a research project cataloguing films of British Colonies held by the British Film Institute, the Imperial War Museum and British Empire and Commonwealth Museum.  He is a member of the steering committee of the Keywords Project.

He is beginning a research project on the relations between film and the novel in America 1920-1960. His research interests include the history of English since 1500, the relations between modernism and realism and  Clint Eastwood.

He is editor of Critical Quarterly, and his latest publications are The Butcher Boy (2007), True to the Spirit: Film Adaptation and the Question of Fidelity (2011) (co-edited with Kathleen Murray and Rick Warner), Empire and Film (2011) (co-edited with Lee Grieveson), Film and the End of Empire (2011) (co-edited with Lee Grieveson), and Godard’s Contempt: Essays from the London Consortium (2012) (co-edited with Laura Mulvey).

Since 1985 he has produced both feature films and documentaries. Directors with whom he has worked include  Jean-Luc Godard, Terence Davies, Derek Jarman, Isaac Julien and Chris Marker.

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