Listed by year of graduation


Kelsey Cameron

Veronica Fitzpatrick - Visiting Assistant Professor, Performing and Media Arts Department, Cornell University

Jeffrey Heinzl - Visiting Instructor, University of Pittsburgh

Laura Stamm - Visiting Instructor, Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies, University of Pittsburgh


Anna Dimitrova

Jedd Hakimi, Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh

Julie Nakama, Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh

Felipe Pruneda Senties, Director of the Writing Center, Hendrix College

John Rhym, Assistant Professor, Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute

Gordon Sullivan

Kelly Trimble


Dan Chyutin, Teaching Fellow, Tel Aviv University and Open University of Israel

Richard Beach Gray, Media Analyst, Novetta Advanced Analytics

Natalia Ryabchikova, Lecturer, Moscow Art Theatre School, American Studio


Kevin Flanagan, Adjunct Professor of English, George Mason University

Candice Wilson, Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media, University of North Georgia-Gainsville


Usha Iyer, Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies, Stanford University

Kathleen Murray, Senior Writer/Editor, MarCom Group, Washington DC

Seung-hwan Shin, Adjunct Instructor in East Asian Studies (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

John Trenz, Certificated Substitute, Los Angeles Unified School District


Kristen Fallica, Digital Strategist, Chicago Humanities Festival


Ryan Pierson, Assistant Professor, Department of Communications, Media and Film, University of Calgary

Colleen Jankovic, Copyeditor, Grant Writer, and Writing Project Consultant


Alison PattersonLecturer in English and Film Studies (NTS), University of Pittsburgh


Tanine Allison, Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies, Emory University

Amy Borden, Assistant Professor of Film and Theater, Portland State University

Rick Warner, Assistant Professor (TTS), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Kara Andersen, Assistant Professor of Film (TS), Brooklyn College

Molly Brown, Research Director, Wise Brother Media

Jill Dione, Retired

Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema and Media Studies and the College, University of Chicago

Kyle Stevens, Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Appalachian State University

Kirsten Strayer


Gregory Allen

Manisha Basu, Associate Professor of English and African Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Amanda Klein, Associate Professor of Film Studies (TS), East Carolina University


Dana Och, Lecturer in English and Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Daniel Wild

  • Dissertation: The Writing on the Screen: Images of Text in the German Cinema from 1920-1949
  • Chair: Marcia Landy (English)
  • Readers: Paul Bové (English), Lucy Fischer (English), Linda Shulte-Sasse (German, McAllister College)


Anustup Basu, Associate Professor of English and Media and Cinema Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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  • Dissertation: Mantras of the Metropole: Geo-Televisuality and Contemporary Indian Cinema
  • Chair: Marcia Landy (English)
  • Readers: Paul Bové (English); Eric Clarke (English); Colin MacCabe (English); M. Prasad (Film Theory, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad)

Clare Connors, Instructor (NTS), University of Pittsburgh

  • Dissertation: Hollywood Youth Narratives and the Family Values Campaign 1980-1992
  • Chair:  Lucy Fischer (English)
  • Readers: Troy Boone (English), Marcia Landy (English), Carol Stabile (Communications)


Julia Turner

  • Dissertation: Reading Scars: Circumcision as Textual Trope
  • Chair: Philip Smith (English)
  • Readers:  Lucy Fischer (English), Mariolina Salvatori, Greg Goekjian (Portland State University)


Emily T. Bauman, Master Teacher of Liberal Studies, New York University

  • Dissertation: Dreaming in Crisis: Angels and the Allegorical Imagination in Postwar America
  • Chair: Colin MacCabe (English)
  • Readers: Ronald Judy (English), Jonathan Arac, Nancy Condee (Slavic)

Andrew C. Miller, Associate Professor and Chair of Media Studies and Digital Culture, Sacred Heart University


Michael G. Aronson, Associate Professor of English and Director of Cinema Studies, University of Oregon

Hugh S. Manon, Associate Professor of Screen Studies and Director of the Screen Studies Program, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Clark University

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  • Dissertation: As Far As Anyone Knows: Fetishism and the Anti-Televisual Paradoxes of Film Noir
  • Chair:  Lucy Fischer (English)
  • Readers: Valerie Krips, James Knapp, Henry Krips (Communications)


Kara Keeling, Associate Professor of Critical Studies and American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California

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  • Dissertation: “Dig If You Will The Picture”: The Cinematic, the Black Femme, and the Image of Common Sense
  • Chair:  Marcia Landy (English)
  • Readers: Paul Bové (English), Colin MacCabe (English), Amy Villarejo (Cornell), Wahneema Lubiano (Duke)


Patricia Caillé, Assistant Professor, (TTS) Université Robert Schuman de Strasbourg and Institute of European Studies, Paris

  • Dissertation:  French Film Criticism, Authorship, and National Culture in the Mirror of John Cassavetes’s Body, His Life, His Work
  • Chair:  Lucy Fischer (English)
  • Readers:  Marcia Landy (English), James Knapp

Ellen Kreger, Associate Dean for Learning and Assessment Services, Mercy College

  • Dissertation: In The Shadow of His Language: Language and Feminine Subjectivity in the Cinema
  • Chair:  Colin MacCabe (English)
  • Readers:  Lucy Fischer (English), Lynn Emanuel, Patrizia Lombardo (French and Italian)

David Sidore, Associate Professor, English, Macon State College


Patrice Fleck, Professor, English, Northern Virginia Community College

  • Dissertation: The Emergence of Date Rape: Feminism, Theory, Institutional Discourse, and Popular Culture
  • Chair: Jane Feuer (English)
  • Readers: Nancy Glazener (English),  Lucy Fischer (English), Carol A. Stabile (Communications)


Anne Ciecko, Associate Professor, Communications, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Joy Fuqua, Associate Professor, Media Studies, Queens College

Lori Shorr, Chief Education Officer, Mayor of Philadelphia’s Office

  • Dissertation: Technology, the Natural and the Other: The Case of Childbirth Representations in Contemporary Popular Culture
  • Chair:  Lucy Fischer (English)
  • Readers: Marcia Landy (English), Dana Polan, Iris M. Young (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh)

Amy Villarejo, Professor and Chair, Theatre, Film & Dance Department, Cornell University


Ellen Bishop, Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Tinckom, Associate Professor of Communications, Culture, and Technology and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Georgetown University


Madhava Prasad, Professor of Film and Cultural Studies, Centre for European Studies, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Hyderabad, India)


John Champagne, Professor of English, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College


Linda Mizejewski, Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio State University