Required Coursework

Core Courses: PhD in Film and Media Studies

FILMG 2905/ENGFLM 2905 - Film Studies Proseminar
FILMG 2452/ENGFLM 2452 - Film History/Theory II
FILMG 2451/ENGFLM 2451 - Film History/Theory I

Core Course: MA Certificate and PhD Certificate

FILMG 2451/ENGFLM 2451—Film History/Theory I
Film History/Theory I explores and interrogates the history of international film within the broader context of cultural studies, thereby surfacing and investigating diverse and shifting conceptions of the cinema in relation to other social and artistic forms. Works from major movements or moments of film history will be examined and analyzed in relation to writings by central film theorists. Such works will also be placed within a variety of historical frames (cinematic, economic, technological, etc.).

Electives—By Department

The graduate Film and Media Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh offers a rich curriculum that provides students with training in the visual analysis of cinema, the history and theory of the medium, and its interrelations with other art forms and social/cultural discourses.


COMMRC 2226 Media and Cultural Studies
COMMRC 2227 Media Theory
COMMRC 2229 Media and Global Cultures
COMMRC 3164 The Hollywood Studio System
COMMRC 3325 Seminar in Mass Communication
COMMRC 3326 Seminar in Media Studies

East Asian

CHIN 2065 Sources on East Asia: Chinese New Wave Cinema


ENGFLM 2021 History through Visual Media
ENGFLM 2026 The Late Works of Jean-Luc Godard
ENGFLM 2190 British Cultural Studies
ENGFLM 2200 Indian Cinema: Questions of Mass Culture and Transnational Cinemas
FILMG 2450/ENGFLM 2450 Proseminar in Film and Media Studies
FILMG 2451/ENGFLM 2451 Film History/Theory I
FILMG 2452/ENGFLM 2452 Film History/Theory II
ENGFLM 2455 Film Historiography
ENGFLM 2457 Film and Ethnography
ENGFLM 2460 Film and Literature
ENGFLM 2465 Film and Aesthetics
ENGFLM 2466 Film and Modernism
ENGFLM 2467 Cinema and Trauma
ENGFLM 2468 Optics of European Horror
ENGFLM 2469 Cinema and Desire
ENGFLM 2471 Cinema and Psyche
ENGFLM 2472 Cinema and the Posthuman
ENGFLM 2473 Cinema and Counter-History
ENGFLM 2475 The Body in Cinema
ENGFLM 2476 Advanced Graduate Film Topics
ENGFLM 2478 The Hollywood Studio System
ENGFLM 2481 Cinema and Spectatorship
ENGFLM 2482 Authorship in Cinema
ENGFLM 2483 Surrealism and Cinema
ENGFLM 2484 Genre and Transnational Cinema
ENGFLM 2485 Genre and Film Melodrama
ENGFLM 2486 Gilles Deleuze and Cinema
ENGFLM 2487 Film Director: Rossellini
ENGFLM 2488 Film Directors: Pasolini
ENGFLM 2489 Clint Eastwood: American Artist
ENGFLM 2492 Television Studies
ENGFLM 2660 Sexual Representation and the Cinema
ENGFLM 2901 American Film Institute Catalog Internship


GER 3882 Topics in German Cinema


SPAN 2452 Contemporary Latin American Film: Postmodern Film
SPAN 2464 Latin American Topics
SPAN 2589 Contemporary Hispanic Film


RUSS 2453 Thaw and Perestroika
RUSS 2640 Post-Stalinism and Russian Cinema