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Graduate Courses for Fall 2018


ENGFLM 2452 Film History/Theory 2

Th 1:00PM - 4:50PM
Robert Clift

This seminar will focus on the history and theory of cinema from 1960 to the present.  While individual theorists and historians will be discussed, there will be special attention paid to historical and theoretical arguments within film studies, such as: psychoanalysis and theories of spectatorship; apparatus theory; historicism and archival research; film and philosophy; theories of genre, adaptation, and performance; neo-formalism and cognitive theory; and the rise of new media, from television to digital cinema and from Imax to video games.  These arguments will be explored through major film movements and film-makers, taking up topics such as international art cinema, the changing Hollywood studio system, the role of political cinema, and the growing importance of documentaries.

Core Requirement