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Tyler Bickford specializes in contemporary children's media, especially popular music and digital technology. Trained as an ethnomusicologist, his research and teaching interests include childhood studies, popular culture, new media, education, music and language, and ethnographic methods. He has published articles and reviews in Popular Music, Ethnomusicology, Journal of Folklore Research, Journal of Consumer Culture, Current Musicology, and several edited volumes. He has also conducted extensive ethnographic research with elementary-school children, focusing on children's uses of MP3 players and the relationships between digital media consumption, children's expressive practices, and literacy education. He is working on a book about the children's music industry.


“Earbuds Are Good for Sharing: Children’s Headphones as Social Media at a Vermont School,” in The Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music Studies, edited by Jason Stanyek and Sumanth Gopinath (Oxford University Press, in press)

 “Tinkering and Tethering in the Material Culture of Children’s MP3 Players,” in The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Musical Cultures, edited by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Trevor Wiggins (Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 527–42

“The New ‘Tween’ Music Industry: The Disney Channel, Kidz Bop, and an Emerging Childhood Counterpublic,” Popular Music 31/3 (2012): 417–36

“Music of Poetry and Poetry of Song: Expressivity and Grammar in Vocal Performance,” Ethnomusicology 51/3 (2007): 439–76