Production Resources

Equipment Borrowing

Through a cooperative arrangement with University Library System, students enrolled in campus-based courses as well as Independent Studies may borrow equipment from Media Lending services on the ground floor of Hillman Library.  Production course instructors and Independent Study supervisors submit rosters indicating which students require access to equipment including:

  • Panasonic G7
  • Panasonic GH4
  • Sony FS7
  • Light Kits
  • Dolly/Track
  • Audio Kits (wired and wireless)

Students must complete a Hillman Library Equipment Borrower's Agreement and review equipment carefully on check out and return.  Fees for late returns and fines for missing or damaged equipment are assessed through ULS.

Here's a helpful guide to wrapping/wrangling cables the professional way

System Requirements

The Film and Media Studies Program instructs using the industry standard Adobe Premier package. Adobe makes the software available for both Mac and Windows but FMSP relies on Mac. Here are Adobe's system requirements for using Adobe Premiere.

For personal use we recommend a laptop rather than a desktop for the flexibility; you can edit wherever and can work on your own computer in lab classes.

When purchasing a computer to use for film production, make sure to get at least 16gb of computer memory.

Confronting budget, spend money on RAM and graphics card rather than storage space.  Generally, the more money you spend on RAM and graphics, the longer it will take for your computer to be made obsolete, but computer manufacturers are increasingly building in OS updates that excludes older model computers, so going for the absolutely most expensive is sometimes a risk.

Most importantly, students should have an external hard drive to store footage and move it between computers for editing. Basic external drives specs: 7200 rpm with a USB3 or thunderbolt connection.

If you select a Mac desktop, you might consider:

  • iMac 27-inch with either 3.5GHz or 3.8GHz processor. Pay attention to the RAM and do not worry about the size of the drive - use an external drive for video storage.
  • iMac 21.5-inch 3.4GHz with Fusion drive or SSD drive (rather than 5400-rpm disk drive) and again with as much RAM as you can afford.

If you select a Mac laptop, you might consider:

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with touchbar (the non-touchbar version only has two ports, which is a serious limitation) configured with 16GB of RAM. Look to at least 256GB of memory but you don't have to get 1TB or 2 TB of memory because again your big video files will be on an external drive.
  • Either of the 15-inch MacBook Pros will work.

The Mac laptops now have USB-C ports, so you'll need adaptor(s) to USB 3 and HDMI.

Release Forms

Personal Appearance Release Form

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