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Pittsburgh-London Film Program

The Pittsburgh-London Film Program is a film intensive semester ideal for Film and Media Studies majors and minors as well as students exploring the expressive capacities of film for the first time in conjunction with their other studies and objectives.  Classes like the City Made Strange and City Scavenging capitalize on London’s special character, history, and architecture, while Screenwriting and a Production Master Class offer exceptional expert instruction in filmmaking processes from pre- to post-production.  Political Media explores ideological implications of form and style with world-class faculty.

Student Testimonials

"The Pittsburgh London Film Program mixes the critical principles of film with hands-on technical training, allowing the students to fully immerse themselves in the film industry. Not only was I able to create connections with my peers and professors, but gain friendships I am forever grateful for. The experience let me and my classmates explore the city of London on our own terms, and create the content we wanted to. The PLFP allowed me to grow as a person and filmmaker, while simultaneously giving me the opportunity to have the time of my life." -Ann Shetler, Spring 2017

"I am not a fan of cliché terms like 'life changing' and will actively avoid them as much as possible. With that said, I can honestly call my study abroad trip life changing. I have never been more motivated to work in my college career especially in the most intellectually stimulating classes I have taken. The professors and other classmates drove me to better my work all semester long. Despite having a larger work load than any previous semester, my semester abroad also was my most successful academic semester. Along with fantastic professors and classes is the setting of London itself. There was nothing like being a part of such an energetic city that breathes life. I could go on and on but I do not want to begin rambling. I could not recommend the program more. It not only taught me much about filmmaking, both theoretically and practically, but it also solidified my goals to be a filmmaker and the drive I need to achieve my goals." -Jamie Trees, Spring 2017

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