Doctoral Student Works

Under the Open Sky (Dir. Titus, Phadke, and Ullah, 2016)

What changes when a girls' football initiative begins to claim open public spaces to play in Mumbra, a far-flung suburb in the Mumbai Metropolitan region? Quite a lot actually! For women and girls occupying open public space in the city to play is an act of feminist claim staking. This film follows the Parcham women's football team as they play and coach a younger generation of girls, in the process transforming not just the way they see themselves and their bodies but potentially transforming the way we see our cities.


Undergraduate Student Works

Growing Up a Pitt Girl (Dir. Hatmaker, 2014)

A finalist in a national competition, this collaboration by Pitt Film Students traces connections between generations of Pitt Panthers.  


Bodies in Motion

Bodies in Motion, a Year of the Humanities collaboration between the Film Studies Program, and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, explored the history of the arts and sciences of recording movement while challenging ablist conceptions of what constitutes normal and beautiful human movement and offering alternative points of view.  The next phase of the project will include a database of text and images produced by project participants.

Arm Sequence Featuring Pittsburgh SteelWheelers (2016)

Swimming (2016)

Year of the Humanities Film (2016)

This documentary made by undergraduate film students in Carl Kurlander's Making the Documentary course considers what it means to study the Humanities in the contemporary University setting -- and what it means to be human.


Year of Humanities Class Film from Year of the Humanities on Vimeo.