NEP's Vice President of Engineering and Operations Bob Walsh joins Broadcasting class

The University of Pittsburgh's inaugural Broadcast 1 class had the pleasure of welcoming NEP's Vice President of Engineering and Operations Bob Walsh to today's class.

Mr. Walsh walked the students through the engineering preparation required for live events, the schematics and logistics of live trucks, as well as the challenges faced for live and remote broadcasts. The presentation took the students from MTV multi-camera productions in a backyard, to productions of the Super Bowl and the Olympics. 

Over the past 24 years, Bob Walsh has been working on the engineering team at NEP. As a VP of Engineering and Operations, Bob is responsible for overseeing engineering decisions and resolving engineering issues for several trucks in the NEP fleet as well as the NY Studios. In his role, Bob helps to support several major clients, including: ESPN, NFL Films and NBC. He began his career at NEP as a Second Engineer on the mobile unit N7, later working on both ND-1 and ND-2 as an Engineer in Charge, He eventually became a Tech Manager supporting several Olympics and Super Bowls. Bob came off the road in 2007 to become an Engineering Manager and then a Senior Director of Engineering before taking on his current role. Prior to joining NEP, Bob worked as a Producer / Director for the New York Mets in-house video productions.  Bob was awarded an Emmy as part of the winning technical crew for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake. Bob received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television from New York University. 

NEP Group Inc., a worldwide production company that provides outsourced teleproduction services for major events throughout the world has become a business partner of Pitt Studios and the University and has made it the leading teaching broadcast facility in the country.

Pitt's inaugural Broadcast 1 class, comprised of 16 students, focuses on critical thinking and broadcast history, as well as providing a "hands-on" experience in every facet of live event and news broadcast. 

-Kevin Smith