Pitt alum Tom Getty publishes new book "How To Make Blockbuster Movies—And Do It On Your Own"


Congratulations to Pitt alum, Johnstown filmmaker, and now author Tom Getty on the publication of his new book How To Make Blockbuster Movies—And Do It On Your Own!  According to Getty, the writer and director of such films as Emulation and America Has Fallen, anyone can make a movie—so long as they have passion, drive, and the right know-how. Finding that right information, however, is the hard part.

“Filmmaking is a minefield,” says the 31-year-old filmmaker and 2010 University of Pittsburgh Cum Laude graduate who has been making films since he was eight. A young person, says Getty, can be mislead in a hundred wrong directions.  Just knowing how to avoid the mistakes is not enough, Getty says. You need an edge to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other filmmakers out there. That’s the one downside of “the tools of the trade”—cameras—computers—being so widely available. Everyone wants to do it, Getty says. You have to be able to compress 25 years of learning into 10 or less. 

Because he believes so much in an aspiring filmmaker getting the right filmmaking education, Getty has compiled everything he has learned from 20 years of filmmaking experience into his book, which is now available through all online book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Books-A-Million.  How To Make Blockbuster Movies—And Do It On Your Own outlines a masterclass in taking your cinematic tour de force from inspiration, to writing, to directing, to editing, all the way to launching it into the stratosphere of contemporary movies.

Getty says, “I only ever wanted to make Ghostbusters and Die Hard. This is a book on how you can actually do that and more—wherever you are, whoever you are. And best of all: without Hollywood.”