Film and Media Production Track

Students have the opportunity to pursue the Film and Media Production Track within the Film and Media Studies Major .  The Film and Media Production Track combines courses emphasizing historical, theoretical and critical understandings of film and digital media with training in the technical and creative practices of filmmaking to prepare students to participate in multiple modes of audiovisual practices and environments that characterize the digital age. 

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Further Guidance for Film and Media Studies Majors:

In addition to fulfilling major requirements, several courses in Film and Media Studies also fulfill your Disciplinary Approaches Requirements for Arts and Sciences. Listed here are some such courses and the requirements they fulfill.  Review listings each term for new and revised offerings.

Degree Plan

First Year Fall

Film Analysis (ENGFLM 0530) AND Filmmaking: Production & Criticism (ENGFLM 0590) or Filmmaking 1 (formerly Motion Picture Fundamentals) (FILMST 0001)

First Year Spring

Digital Studio: Video (SA 1380) or Filmmaking 2 (formerly Video Production 1) (FILMST 0601) AND World Film History (ENGFLM 0540)

Second Year Fall

Filmmaking 3 (formerly Video Production 2) (FILMST 1600) AND Technical Directing (FILMST 1130)

Second Year Spring

Screenwriting and the Narrative (ENGWRT 0560 – Writing Intensive Course) or Elements of Screenwriting (formerly Introduction to Screenwriting) (FILMST 1132)  AND Course in "Themes/Genres/Theory" (Category II) or "National Cinemas/Filmmakers" (Category I), Writing Intensive Course recommended

Third Year Fall

1 Technical Elective AND 1 Topical Elective

Third Year Spring

1 Themes/Genres/Theory or National Cinemas/Filmmakers (Writing Intensive)

Fourth Year Fall

Topical Elective

Fourth Year Spring

Filmmaking 4 (formerly Writing and Producing the Short Script) (FILMST 1134 – Capstone Course)