Film and Media Studies Critical Studies Track

Film is one of the major art forms of the 20th century and its study has become an important part of a modern humanities education. At the University of Pittsburgh, the Film and Media Studies Program offers a series of interdisciplinary courses concerning the history, aesthetics, theory, and production of cinema. The program provides courses in critical studies, broadcasting, and film production.

A major in Film and Media Studies helps students to understand and appreciate the cinematic medium and to be aware of its impact as a cultural and artistic force. It is also appropriate for those students who wish to pursue careers in film teaching, film exhibition, film journalism, film museum curatorial work, film library and archive work, and film and television production.

As part of the Film and Media Studies Program, internships are made available to students in many of these fields. In the past students have done internships at cable companies, casting agencies, and various television stations.


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The major in Film and Media Studies requires 12 courses (36 credits) distributed as follows (students must take the following courses):

  1. Three required critical studies courses (9 credits):
    • World Film History (ENGFLM 0540 or HA&A 0820)
    • Film Analysis (ENGFLM 0530 or HA&A 0801)
    • Advanced Seminar in Film Studies (ENGFLM 1920)
  2. One production course (3 credits), either:
    • Filmmaking 1 (formerly Motion Picture Fundamentals) (FILMST 0001); or
    • 35mm Photography and Darkroom (formerly Black and White Photography 1) (FILMST 0200); or
    • Introduction to Digital Editing (FILMST 0400); or
    • Filmmaking: Production and Criticism (ENGFLM 0590)
  3. Two courses (6 credits) in "National Cinema/Filmmakers" (Category I)
  4. Two courses (6 credits) in "Themes/Genres/Theory" (Category II)
  5. The remaining 12 credits (four courses) for the major can be selected from all film studies offerings (subject to regulations below).

Additional Conditions/Requirements for Critical Studies Major

  • Five courses (15 credits) within the major must be taken at the 1000 level.
  • No more than five film production courses may be counted for the major (including the required course), although additional production courses may be taken as electives.
  • In addition to the 36 credits in film studies courses, the major requires 12 credits in a related area (courses in one department or program) determined by the student in consultation with the student's advisor.
  • Students must maintain a C average or above in all major courses.
  • No more than three courses (9 credits) within the major can be taken for Satisfactory/Audit.
  • Students must take at least 50 percent of the major courses at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Only one film internship (EngFlm 1903 or A&S 1900) can be counted as part of the major.

Procedures for all Film and Media Studies Majors

Students declare a major in Film and Media Studies by filling out a Declaration of Major form at 140 Thackeray Hall. After that, you will see a film and media studies advisor to register each term.

Major Advisors
Mark Kemp, Lori Campbell, and Jeff Aziz
English/Film Studies Advising Office
501C Cathedral of Learning
412-624-6656 or 412-624-6559

For any questions that cannot be handled by the English/Film and Media Studies Advising Office, make an appointment to see a member of the film studies faculty.