Student Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for Student Work in the Humanities

  • Creative Arts Fellowship$4,000 for part-time work and workshops in spring, then full-time project focus in summer. Broaden your artistic scope as you bring your own idea to life (under the guidance of a faculty mentor). Join a diverse group of creative scholars from different specialties for intensive workshops and discussions throughout the spring. Then, spend the summer creating full-time. Film, writing, studio works, theatre, music — all creative projects are welcome, especially interdisciplinary concepts. Open to all majors. 
  • Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Fellowships: up to ten $800 fellowships to work on a faculty project

  • Brackenridge:  $4000. 1 credit research, 2 weekly seminars

  • Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship: $800 (an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant can apply for funding for work that goes beyond the normal UTA duties)

  • Archival Scholars Award: $1000 to work with archives that are part of the ULS

  • NYC Scholars in Residence: This 12-week, fully-funded residency program supports 2-4 Dietrich School undergraduates in New York City over the summer 2020 to conduct self-directed research using the city’s many public resources. In the fall term following the residency, undergraduates will register for course credit to continue and finalize their final research projects and present/perform/exhibit/stage their work at a public event with the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout the summer and fall terms, students will have academic support from OUR staff, Faculty Mentors, and Archivists/Librarians who will provide training prior to their trip to New York as well as afterwards to ensure a positive and rewarding learning experience.

  • Curiosity Grant: Curiosity Grants are geared toward student-created research or creative projects with faculty mentorship. Typical awards range from $500 to $1,000. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Applications for Curiosity Grants are accepted on a rolling basis. The typical response time is two to three weeks

  • Research Fellowship in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: $500 (learn how to do research in the field by being matched with graduate student who is also paid $500; prefer little to no research experience), 1 credit seminar

  • Field Studies (London and New York through Office of Undergraduate Research): must have  30 credits and be declared; faculty sponsor; 2 weeks in London ($250) and 1 week in NY ($50); register for 1-3 credits and write a 5-10 page essay on topic of own devising with faculty approval

  • Summer Undergraduate Research Awards: $3500 stipend to conduct independent research over the summer. Must enroll in 1 credit 12 week course (1 credit tuition paid for you).

  • OUR External Awards:  Anthony and Concetta Ambrosia Internship Award provides $5000 to support unpaid internship with CBS Corp in NYC (late November deadline), needs to have completed one prior internship and be interested in broadcasting

  • English Department offers Financial Assistance for Internships in Writing for living expenses for out of town/ unpaid internships

  • Nationality Room Scholarships for 5 weeks of International Study (must be a full time student in the two following terms and the two previous terms), GPA 3.0, 60 credits (so must be current sophomore or junior). Many listed and worth a search. Must attend an information session between September and December of the year you are applying (early January deadline). Must interview for award. 2 letters of recommendation.

  • Mr. Rogers Memorial Scholarship (Pittsburgh Area Project-Based Scholarship Opportunity

  • University of Pittsburgh Honors College Scholarship Resource page Provides a list of scholarships that can be found within the university and outside in the community, primarily for transfer students.

  • David C. Frederick Scholarship This scholarship was created specifically for high-achieving students (3.500 cumulative GPA or above) who currently work at a part-time or full-time job in order to pay for their education.

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