Television and Broadcast Arts Certificate


The Film & Media Studies Program is pleased to announce the implementation of the newly created Television and Broadcast Arts Certificate, effective 2021 Fall semester.

The Television and Broadcast Arts Certificate provides a critical, theoretical and hands-on path to attain a competency in crucial broadcast disciplines students have self-selected in which to concentrate.

The Television and Broadcast Arts Certificate program requires 18 credits. At least 9 of the credits must be taken at the 1000-level, or above. The Certificate also allows an 8-credit overlap with your major/minor (FMST, COMMRC, ENGWRT, etc.).


Click here to view the requirements of the Television and Broadcast Arts Certificate.

Upcoming Fall 2021 Courses

Required Courses
  • COMMRC 0320 Mass Communication Processes
  • ENGFLM 1752 / FMST 1508 Television Analysis
  • FMST 1885 Broadcasting
Select three courses from the following list. No more than two elective courses may be from the same department. Up to 8 credits can overlap in the major/minor/certificate.
  • COMMRC 0520 Public Speaking
  • COMMRC 0575 Introduction to Radio Production
  • COMMRC 1105 Television and Society
  • COMMRC 1121 History of Mass Media
  • COMMRC 1122 Media Criticism
  • COMMRC 1126 Consumer Culture
  • ENGCMP 0420 Writing for the Public
  • ENGFLM 0355 / FMST 0100 Visual Literacy or ENGFLM 0401 / FMST 0130 Introduction to Visual Culture
  • ENGWRT 0610 Intro to Journalism
  • ENGWRT 0710 Introduction to Audio Storytelling
  • ENGWRT 1330 Intermediate Nonfiction
  • ENGWRT 1750 Senior Seminar in Nonfiction
  • FMST 0800 Filmmaking 1
  • FMST 1740 Making the Documentary
  • FMST 1855 Directing Motion Pictures
  • FMST 1886 Broadcast 2
  • FMST 1893 Human Interest Stories for Broadcast