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12 WEEK 

ENGFLM 0355 Visual Literacy (2 sections)

This is an online asynchronous course. Visual literacy is an emerging area of study which deals with the growing importance of visual culture in our contemporary world and how we interpret what is seen.  This course will emphasize the process of critically viewing specific media artifacts and provide tools to students that will allow them to comprehend and evaluate information presented by a variety of forms of visual media, including television, video, film, photography, and the internet. This is a Critical Studies course and counts for Category II towards the Film and Media Studies major and minor. It counts for the Arts and the Creative Work gen eds. 


6 WEEK ONE 5/16-6/25 

ENGFLM 0400/ FMST 0120 Introduction to Film with Evgeniia Ivanilova- T Th 6-9:50 PM in 206 CL  

This is a basic course on the visual arts that offers the student abroad introduction to the medium of film. As part of this overview, the class will consider such issues as: the process of contemporary film production and distribution; the nature of basic film forms; selected approaches to film criticism; comparisons between film and the other media. This counts for the Arts gen ed. 


ENGFLM 0540/ FMST 0170  World Film History with Rahul Kumar- M W 6-9:50 PM in 244A CL 

This course both introduces students to techniques of film analysis and acquaints them with major works and movements in international cinema.  The course pays particular attention to the evolution of film narrative and visual style through landmarks in film development--European avant-garde films,  British documentary, Italian neo-realism, etc.  This is a Critical Studies course and is a required course for the Film and Media Studies major and minor. This course counts for the Arts and Historical Analysis Gen Eds as well as the certificates in European and Erasian Studies, Global Studies, and West European Studies. 


ENGFLM 1390/ FMST 1275  Contemporary Film with Eli Boonin-Vail- T Th 12-3:50 in 407 CL 

Surveys international film from 1970 to the present and the major film movements of the period.  It also demonstrates the stylistic and cultural interrelationships between the international film schools. This is a Critical Studies course and counts for Category I towards the Film and Media Studies major and minor. This course counts as The Arts and W course Gen Eds. It is also part of the following certificates: European and Eurasian Studies, Global Studies, Transatlantic Studies, and West European Studies.  


FMST 0800 Filmmaking 1: Fundamentals with Leibel Cohen- M W 1-4 PM in G26 CL 

Filmmaking is a creative process that combines art, science, craft, and collaboration. This course is a hands-on introduction to the process, starting with the building blocks of motion pictures: light and cameras, composition, editing, and visual storytelling. You will complete two short videos over the course of the semester, shooting video with DSLR cameras and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. In-class exercises will provide a deeper understanding of making moving images. This course is a Creative Work gen ed and can count as the required production course for all FMST majors. It is also an elective for the minor. 


6 WEEK TWO 6/27-8/6 

ENGFLM 0530/ FMST 0150 Film Analysis- M W 12-3:50 PM in 244A CL 

This course introduces students to the art of the cinema, and to the techniques for its formal and iconographic analysis.  It examines the nature of shot composition and visual framing, the use of color, the role of lighting as a pictorial element, the potentials of camera movement, the modes of editing and the nature of image/sound montage.  It also introduces students to dominant cinema forms--narrative, experimental, documentary, etc.--And connects the cinema to visual arts (like painting and sculpture). This course is required for the Film and Media Studies major/minor and counts as an Arts Gen Ed.  


ENGFLM 0532/ FMST 0500 Introduction to Film Genres with Gabbi Guedes- M W 6-9:50 in 244A CL 

This course surveys major film genres, which may include documentary, musicals, horror, film noir, romantic comedy, etc. We will trace the history of film genres from the studio era to the present, including European transformations. The course seeks to relate film genres to the culture that created them. This is a Critical Studies course and counts for Category II towards the Film and Media Studies major and minor. It is a W course.