Filmmaker Aislinn Clarke joined the Film and Media Studies for several events on February 13th and 14th

Aislinn Clarke screened her short film 'Childer' and discussed her work in a more intimate setting with students and faculty. In the evening she screened her debut feature "The Devil's Doorway," a found-footage film shot largely on 16mm taking place in an Irish Magdalene laundry during the 1960s. Dr. Dana Och, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Film and Media Studies, led a Q&A following this screening. Several undergraduate students participated in the events as well: freshman Livia Rappaport interviewed Clarke in Pitt's brand-new broadcasting studio, and twenty undergraduate students joined Clarke for a two-hour horror screenwriting workshop on February 14th. The event was organized by Sonia Lupher (ABD) in conjunction with Romero Lives! and with support from Film and Media Studies, Year of Pitt Global, European Studies Center, Cultural Studies Program, Department of English, and the Humanities Center.